What is the point of possessing knowledge, when its not shared? Spread the word and the world takes longer strides towards progress. At SHRM, we are always updating ourselves in order to upgrade the HR industry with the best tools and practices. Out of 7 billion people in the world, 2 billion are active on social media, a medium that has proven to be a instant way to deliver messages. HR influencers are leveraging the potential of social posts to refine HR, thereby aiding us in our mission.

Every year SHRM India recognises influencers who have made it big digitally. For the year 2017-18, we have shortlisted the Top 30 HR Influencers across India. 

The following social media platforms have been considered to identify these Top 30 influencers: 

Klout I Linkedln I Twitter I Facebook

The influencers have been identified on the basis of their level of activeness on these platforms and the followers they have gained using a social media platform, OuickMetrix. Our evaluation criteria excluded influencers with Advertising, PR, Media and Government backgrounds. 

While this is the methodology followed to identify the Top 30 influencers, this list in no way devalues the efforts of the rest, for imparted knowledge has always benefitted growth. Hence, we congratulate every influencer who contributes for a better HR each day. 

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